Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

To whom it may concern

Ms. P**** L***** and Ms. A**** L**** are students at the university of K****, Germany.
They are participating in a Masters Programme called „K**** G**** E****“ in which a semester in a country outside of Europe is an integral part with the aim to cover the „blind spot“ and get an outside view on Europe.
Our Students, Ms. L**** and Ms. L**** are going to study at the J**** N**** U**** in N**** D**** from July to December 2009, and it is our urgent wish that our students also see the country and gather material for their research and their advancement of their cultural competence while travelling.
Therefore we confirm that an extended stay in India is part of the educational programme, and we wish our students to remain in India until March 2009.

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  1. jaja, research material - schon klar!
    ick sach po polsku: niemozliwy!!!


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