Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Man Booker prized

"Delhi - [...] The capital of our glorious nation. The seat of Parliament, of the president, of all ministers and prime ministers. The pride of our civic planning. The show case of the republic. That's what they call it.
Let a driver tell you the truth. And the truth is that Delhi is a crazy city. [...]

There is construction work in any direction you look in Delhi.
Glass skeletons being raised for malls or office blocks; rows of gigantic T-shapd concrete supports, like a line of anvils, where the new bridges and overpasses are coming up; huge craters being dug for new mansions for the rich, And here too, in the heart of Connaught Place, even in the middle of night, under the glare of immense spotlights, construction went on.[...]
I had heard of this work: they were putting a railway under the ground of Delhi. [...]

Another man was watching the pit with me - a well-dressed man in a shirt and tie and trousers with nice pleads. Normally his kind would never talk to me [...].

'This city is going to be like Dubai in five years, isn't it?'
'Five?' I said contemptuously. 'In two years!'"

Adiga, Aravind: "The White Tiger", Noida 2008, S.118, 157f.

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