Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Aaj Dilli bahut pagal he ...

"We nervously drive through streets strangely quiet and devoid of the usual chaos of cars, cows and commuters. The only beings around are strange chameleon alien invaders with green hair, purple faces, pink clothes and red bodies. They stagger and lurch, shooting each other with water pistols. Holi is the day when the authorities turn a blind bloodshot eye to bung (marihuana), and the boys with toys are off their heads.[...] a young girl rubs orange powder into my hair, a brash boy paints my cheeks pink with his hands and his mate circles my breasts with red. [...]
Simi opens the door yelling 'HAPPY HOLI', and pours yellow powder down my top, while Vivek rubs purple into my forehead. [...] We gulp a sweet marihuana milkshake for courage and join in.
Touching, chasing and flirting is normally considered outrageous behaviour in India but today sensuality is sanctioned. [...] The bung is deadly.
Within half an hour I collapse against the wall laughing hysterically, despite feeling that my head has split open and bugs are crawling out all over my body."

Macdonald, Sarah: "Holy Cow! - An Indian Adventure", S.169f., Berkshire 2004.

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