Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

The Rooftop Dwellers

"Tara was the first person Ajoy Bose had employed when he started his literary review, Books, after coming to Delhi as a member of parliament from Calcutta. He had missed the literary life of that city so acutely, and had been appalled by the absence of any equivalent in New Delhi, that he had decided to publish a samll journal of book reviews to inform readers on what was being published, what might be read, a service no other magazine seemed to provide, obsessed as they all were with politics or the cinema, the only two subjects that appeared to bring people in the capital to life. Having first met Ritwick at Jawaharlal Nehru University during a conference on Karl-Marx and Twentieth Century Bengali Literature, and through him Tara, he had engaged her as the Managing Editor. [...]

Bushaltestelle JNU, Delhi

[N]ext morning Tara had arranged to hold a 'conference', as she liked to call such a gathering, with their usual cast of reviewers. Most of them were Ritwick's friends and colleagues from the Jawarhalal Nehru University, with a sprinkling of 'outsiders' from Delhi University and the lesser colleges."

Desai, Anita: "The Rooftop Dwellers" in Desai, Anita: "Diamond Dust", London 2001, S.173 ff.

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